Weitzman ECHO® Celebrates 1000th Session

Weitzman ECHO® Celebrates 1000th Session
Improving care nationally for more than one million patients

Primary care providers, the backbone of the nation’s health care system, often work in remote locations and serve hundreds of patients within their individual practices. Interaction with other providers may be infrequent, limiting opportunities to learn and grow. This is where Weitzman ECHO® comes in, making geography irrelevant and connecting primary care providers across the U.S. with expert faculty as a means of improving care for the underserved.

This week, Weitzman ECHO celebrates its 1,000th session. Since its start at Community Health Center, Inc. in 2012, more than one million patients nationally have benefitted from the real-time videoconference training received by their providers through the program.

Initially focused on management of Hepatitis C and HIV, Weitzman ECHO has expanded to address issues such as chronic pain, substance use disorder, complex care management, pediatric and adolescent behavioral health, and healthcare for the LGBTQ community. More than 2,500 providers from forty states have participated.

“Weitzman ECHO’s unique connection with the Community Health Center allows front line staff to benefit from the expert knowledge of providers who truly understand the complexities of caring for underserved populations,” said Daren Anderson, MD, director of the Weitzman Institute and vice president and chief quality officer for CHC. “Our diverse clinical faculty coupled with evidence-based educational materials address some of the most challenging issues facing our country today.”

“Our mission is to provide access to quality health care for all,” said Mark Masselli, founder and president/CEO of Community Health Center, Inc. “If your organization shares this mission and your providers are facing complex patient care issues, we invite you to learn more about Weitzman ECHO by contacting Dr. Anderson at [email protected].”