Quality Improvement Training Overview

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Course Overview

Based on an initial needs assessment, Weitzman Institute will identify and recommend specific topics areas for the training curriculum which could include: Development of a QI Coaching model, Facilitation Skills, How to Build and Sustain High Performing Teams, Engaging Leadership, Change Management, Lean, Clinical Microsystems*, Data Analysis, Communication Strategies, How Leaders Can Support QI Efforts and more. Our training team will combine the right modules in order to provide a dynamic curriculum that will help organizations build or further develop a strong quality improvement culture. All concepts taught in this program are utilized within our own Community Health Center, Inc., and as we continuously improve our own quality culture, we share real time examples and concepts to demonstrate successes as well as challenges we have faced and overcome.

Program and Curriculum

  • Created by primary care for primary care
  • Sessions are taught entirely by expert faculty from Community Health Center, Inc.’s Weitzman Quality Institute
  • Customizable curriculum to suit the needs of any practice
  • Audience can vary to include Leaders, Change Agents, Coaches, Facilitators, etc.
  • Virtual training and face-to-face options

Fully trained participants will be equipped with the proper tools to:

  • Run effective meetings
  • Develop high performing teams
  • Facilitate group processes
  • Manage conflict
  • Apply QI principles to practice
  • Lead QI teams
  • Effectively support QI initiatives
  • Add structure to communication, documentation and data analysis to QI initiatives

Course Objectives

To provide training in a comprehensive quality improvement model to individuals who will be actively engaged in improvement efforts at all levels of a healthcare organization.

*Nelson EC, Batalden PB, Godfrey MM. Quality by design: A clinical microsystems approach. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass; 2007.