Pain and Opioid Education and Support

Support for healthcare providers on the front lines of the heroin and opioid drug crisis

Weitzman Institute

The Weitzman Rural Pain and Opioid Practice Transformation Network (“The Network”) was developed in recognition of the enormous challenge that primary care providers face in managing chronic pain and avoiding prescription opioid misuse nationally but with a greater significance and magnitude in the rural areas of our communities.

This comprehensive intervention includes supportive tools, strategies and services for primary care providers and patients on the front line of the crisis.  Participation in the Transformation Network helps increase primary care providers’ skills and confidence to provide guideline-informed preventive care and encourages non-pharmacological treatment of pain and responsible opioid prescribing, with downstream effect of reducing opioid addiction and dependence. WI has provided this intervention to practices around the country including statewide programs in CO, ME and NJ. Post-participation results indicate improved provider knowledge and confidence, increased adoption of risk mitigation tools, reduced reliance on opioids, and increased access to treatment for opioid addiction. The intervention is based on CDC guidelines, with strong emphasis on opioid-sparing strategies, integration of behavioral health and medical care, and expanding access to medication assisted treatment.  

Program Offering

The Network provides access to a number of tools to engage primary care medical and behavioral health providers caring for patient’s pain and/or opioid abuse in rural areas.

Primary care practices joining the network gain access to the following resources:

  • Project ECHO case-based distance learning using videoconferencing
    • Chronic Pain ECHO (twice monthly, 90 min sessions for 12 months)
    • MAT: Buprenorphine ECHO for Opioid Dependency (once a month for 12 months)
  • eConsults – access to electronic consultations to pain and addiction specialists, 24/7
  •  Online Learning Community
  • AddictionNET Online Learning Community
  • Webinars Series
    • Best Practices for Pain Care in Primary Care  
    • Best Practices for Implementing MAT using Buprenorphine
  • Chiropractic Integration