Ági Erickson, MS

Ági Erickson

Ági Erickson is the Director of Business and Partnership Development at the Community Health Center, Inc’s Weitzman Institute.  Ági has overseen the replication and growth of CHCI’s unique Project ECHO since 2012. She has presided over the rapid growth and spread of this program to over 57 health centers supporting over 275 providers across the US and Europe. Ági has ten years of project management experience at CHC.

Ági completed Clinical Microsystems* training at the Dartmouth Institute and is a certified coach. She is currently coaching a School Based Health Center Interdisciplinary Clinical Microsystem* Team focusing on health system improvement work specifically on the design and redesign of small, functional clinical units for a seamless, patient-centered, high quality, safe, and efficient health system. Ági received training in advanced facilitation by Ingrid Bens, an internationally recognized expert in facilitation skills, and completed lean training at Denver Health Lean Academy. She earned her Master’s Degree from Quinnipiac University in Organizational Leadership concentrating in Health Care Management.